Welcome to Cabin Fever

The Outdoors is Still Open

Welcome to Cabin Fever–  a new blog from Tulane Outdoor Adventures. We hope  you’ll find resources, ideas, and inspiration to safely* get outside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Because it turns out that many outdoor activities inherently comply with social distancing protocols. Additionally, experts like Joshua Epstein from the NYU School of Global Health suggest that getting outside may help stem the spread of the virus. Cool, right?  Check back often for posts from your favorite Outdoor Adventures Trip Leaders. Like you, they’re disrupted, dispersed, and probably a little bummed out — all the more reason to get out there as best you can. We’ll see you outside. From a safe distance, of course. 

-Tulane Outdoor Adventures

*Please comply with all locally-mandated precautionary measures. As with most outdoor activities, a healthy dose of common sense never hurts, either.