Urban Hike Scavenger Hunt

by Anna Gimilaro

A backyard friend

In my first few socially-distanced days I spent a lot of time in Audubon Park, but as Louisiana’s COVID-19 cases have rapidly increased I’ve decided to avoid the park during peak hours. Instead, I have switched to long walks through my neighborhood and simply walking in aimlessly in circles in my backyard. To stay engaged on my walks and backyard perusal, I’ve created a scavenger hunt of sorts, and I challenge you to play along. Afterall, these quarantine days seem to be reminiscent of childhood. Look around and take photos of the following: 

☐ A new animal friend you didn’t realize you cohabitate with

☐ A plant you’ve never seen before

☐ Neighbors interacting with each other from a healthy distance (at least 6 feet)

☐ Someone using advanced hiking gear

Trekking poles for the win!

☐ A butterfly

☐ An insect you don’t recognize

☐ A golden orb weaver (these spiders are very common in the Gulf South)

☐ An edible plant

☐Fungi (or a fun guy)

☐ Someone doing an at-home workout

☐ A sunrise

☐ A bird that is not a pigeon

☐ A kooky colored house

☐ Someone fine-tuning a talent

It turns out that pandemics are a great time to practice random skills

☐ Flora or fauna that are characteristic of your location

Even if you’ve walked through your neighborhood hundreds of times before, you were probably distracted or on route to do something else. In many ways, quarantine has shifted the way we perceive the most mundane aspects of our lives. With more time on our hands and less travelling, we can notice more beauty that is right in front of us. Go outside, look for something new, and share what you find with me and your friends across the country!



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