How to walk a chicken

by Lenore Alexander

During this quarantine and odd break/quasi-school term, I’ve been keeping busy and trying to get outside as much as possible. However, outside is often just my backyard (especially during this stay-at-home order). That being said, between a gardening bed, hammock, and six hens, there’s much to do— walking chickens being just one of many non-school related activities. It should be noted that to walk a chicken, one needs a chicken harness. Surprisingly (or maybe not), many varieties of chicken harnesses exist, but I chose one with a bow tie.

While I concede that owning a chicken harness and leash is entirely unnecessary, I succumbed to the omnipresent powers of consumerism when I saw this online and compulsively purchased it—with only minimal regrets. Since chickens enjoy grazing new areas, the leash proved to be an easy way of keeping track of a chicken in a non-fenced area while allowing the hen to enjoy new flowers, grass, and worms.

Now to the details….

  1. Pick your chicken
  2. Gently pick up chicken and slide neck loop over head with the mesh harness body draping underneath
  3. Maneuver clips behind legs, around tail feathers, and under wings
  4. Weave one slide of the clip through the loop (on top side of chicken) and clip both ends
  5. Attach leash
  6. Go on a walk!
  7. Awkwardly watch your neighbors walk their dogs and see if they notice that you are, in fact, not walking a dog

Note: I’ve found that chickens do not “walk” well, but I’m optimistic that with some practice, you might see Peggy and me successfully walking along Palmer

About the Author
Lenore Alexander

Year in School: Junior
Major: Political Economy (Minors: Studio Art, Spanish)
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
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