Finding New Routes During COVID-19

By Helen Weierbach


With Auduboun park and other green spaces receiving higher than average traffic during COVID-19, finding alternate places to recreate is often the best way to maintain 6 feet of distance. In the early weeks of the pandemic, I felt comforted in taking time to visit familiar parks and spend some time in nature, occasionally seeing peers, friends and even professors along the way. More recently, however, I have gotten more serious about maintaining the recommended distance between others, even when on the go running, walking, or biking.


Strictly following the challenge of staying 6 feet from our peers requires breaking our habits and exploring new areas. With my co-quarantined roommate by my side, we have been able to explore the city through daily running, biking or walking breaks.


Below are two of our favorite resources to help you stay outside; We’d encourage you to also take this opportunity to safely discover your favorite new routes- you never know what you’ll find!





About the Author:

Name: Helen Weierbach

Year in School: Senior
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking
Favorite Camp Food: Tofu Pad Thai
Ideal Outdoor Adventure Trip Destination: Glacial Lake Kayaking in Iceland
If you were stranded on a desert island, what/who would you bring with you: A frisbee, a friend, and a pair of tap shoes