The (Continued) Case for Going Outside

As we approach our third month of COVID-19 disruption and try to make sense of “the New Normal,” one piece of public health advice is consistent: go outside. In a recent story for Vox, German Lopez interviewed several doctors, epidemiologists and public health officials whose #1 tip was to stay outdoors as much as possible.

“But all else held equal, the outdoors is the safest place for activities outside of your home. For some, that’s a reprieve that makes all the other requirements for social distancing a bit more bearable.”

According to Lopez’s experts, several factors make the outdoors your best option:

  1. You’re less likely to come into contact with infected droplets in the open air
  2. It’s easier to social distance outside (that’s still six feet, folks).
  3. There is some evidence that heat/humidity detrimental to the virus

Cool! So you’re going outside! That happens to be our specialty here at Outdoor Adventures. Even if you’re just heading to the park, the basics of trip planning still apply. Our golden rule? PREPARATION. Here’s how to plan for your afternoon outing in the era of COVID-19.

  1. Plan your route. If you know of a crowded pedestrian thoroughfare or busy street corner, avoid it and take a side street instead.
  2. Keep your distance. Yes, you can have a picnic with your friends; no, you cannot share a blanket (unless it’s an obscenely large blanket and you plan on washing it afterwards). It’s best to stick to BYOEverything.
  3. Be self-sufficient. Every stop or interaction for drinks, snacks, or random daily stuff you forgot to bring potentially exposes you and others to the virus we just spent months avoiding. In true Outdoor Adventures style, here’s your COVID-outing packing list:
    1. A mask– smart folks are wearing them
    2. Hand sanitizer/wipes for you/wipes for stuff– obviously
    3. Water/Drinks– it’s hot out there
    4. Snacks– lots of places are still closed; the ones that aren’t are crowded
    5. Sunscreen/hat/shades–always
    6. A blanket, towel, hammock or camp chair– we’re all about thriving, not just surviving
    7. A book– we’re really into Aldo Leopold right now (and always)


We’re not back to normal, but restrictions are loosening enough to afford a great day outside. We’ll see you out there!

photo via ENO Hammocks