Meet the New Outdoor Adventures Managers

The Tulane Outdoor Adventures program as you know it would not be possible without the help of an all-star staff led by a talented trio of student managers colloquially known as MGMT. We’re excited to announce the incoming MGMT cohort and wish our graduating squad the best of luck in whatever’s next!

Name: Samantha Hilburn
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Year in School: Senior
Major: Geology & Environmental Studies
Years with Outdoor Adventures: 3
Favorite OA Trip: Easter Break Rock Climbing
Dream OA Trip: Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike
Stoked to be a Manager Because: I’m stoked to spend my last year at Tulane managing a program staffed by top-notch trip leaders who share my love of outdoor recreation and passion for helping fellow students experience nature firsthand.

Name: Bryn Wooten
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Year in School: Senior
Major: Neuroscience
Years with Outdoor Adventures: 4
Favorite OA Trip: Spring Break Climbing
Dream OA Trip: Summer intermediate climbing skills excursion in the Rockies!
Stoked to be a Manager Because: I’m stoked to keep leading trips while helping to develop our program and inspire more students to get outdoors with us!
Name: Amelia Eldridge
Hometown: Oakland, California
Year in School: Senior
Major: Neuroscience
Years with Outdoor Adventures: 3
Favorite OA Trip: Watercolors on the Bayouuuuuuuu
Dream OA Trip: Swimming with the Manatees!
Stoked to be a Manager Because: I absolutely love sharing my love for the outdoors with everyone, and I’ve met so many amazing people through OA, so I am beyond stoked to continue helping grow the program and reaching as many students as possible.

We’re immensely grateful to the departing MGMT Squad for all their leadership, creativity and dedication in moving the Outdoor Adventures program forward. Here’s what they’ll miss about OA AND how they’ll be applying their Trip Leader skillset after graduation:


Helen Weierbach
Favorite OA Memory: “My favorite MGMT memory by FAR is judging he Chopped Challenge (Backcountry Edition) during the staff training lock-in– being dined by our fabulous staff to fine music.”
Next Stop: Environmental Data Science Research Assistant at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory; Berkley, California

Anna Gimilaro
Faorite OA Memory: Watching the group morale around the Spring Training lock-in shift as new and returning staff got to know each other and share their goofy ways and passion for the outdoors.”
Next Stop: TeachNOLA Fellowship at Paul Habans Charter School; New Orleans, Louisiana

John Harris Alexander
Favorite OA Memory: “Down & Dirty my sophomore year. It was the first trip I led and it was so incredible to see the freshmen have their first experiences with the outdoors at Tulane.”
Next Stop: Venture For America Fellow; location TBD