Trip Review: Cane Bayou Paddle

Trip Review: Cane Bayou Paddle

By Bryn Wooten

The weekend before last, a few of our own trip leaders and some eager participants set out to paddle and explore the local wonder that is Cane Bayou! Here’s what we thought, things we saw, and some helpful tips:

Cane Bayou is located on the opposite side of Lake Pontchartrain from Tulane, so you might need to cross the bridge, but luckily the put in location is only a few minutes further from the end of the bridge! There’s also a lovely outfitter post running nearby if you need to rent gear or buy some snacks for your adventure.

The Bayou itself was breathtaking, and there was a refreshing, cool breeze coming off the lake that kept us comfortable all day! There was all sorts of wildlife and plants to be found including cypress trees, white cranes, and Louisiana iris flowers. If you’re quiet and keep a sharp eye, you might even spot a few Alligators! Bonus points if you can spot this little guy in the reeds (below)-

When you’re on the way back after a day on the bayou, you can skip the toll booth by taking highway 190 to I-10 and cross the pond on I-10 which will take you back uptown. It’ll only add about 10 minutes to the drive, and you’ll save a couple bucks!

We hope you enjoyed this review of Cane Bayou, and if you’d like to check it out for yourself feel free to stop by the office and pick up some gear and/or helpful tips!


About the author:

Name: Bryn Wooten

Year in School: Junior

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Climbing

Favorite Camp Food: Mac and cheese with taco seasoning

Ideal Outdoor Adventure Trip Destination: Climbing and backpacking in Southeast Asia

If you were stranded on a desert island, what/who would you bring with you: a boat