Outdoors in NOLA: River Tubing

Outdoors in NOLA: River Tubing

By Amelia Eldridge

This summer in New Orleans, the unthinkable happened to me – the AC unit in my room broke. Sweltering in the 110+F heat, and with the Reily pool still under construction, I realized I needed to cool off in a body of water – any body of water – ASAP! I quickly gathered some friends and headed an hour east to the Mississippi border and to my soon-to-be river tubing haven.


For only $20 (cash), Bogue Chitto Tubing Center will rent you a tube and life jacket and transport you up the river in a dilapidated school bus for either the 2 or 4 hour float. You and your friends are left on your own to navigate the soft current and wind your way around the river bends, occasion sunken tree, and miniature rapids. Though the water may look less-than-pristine, on a hot New Orleans day it can not be beat. There are different areas of the river bank to pull up to if you want to chill out along the sandy shores and extend your trip into a whole-day affair!


Go try it out some time!

Expert tip: They also rent out miniature cooler-holding tubes for $5, so you and your group can bring snacks and drinks for the river. Ask for twine to keep everyone in your group linked together – but beware: the bigger the pod, the slower and more difficult you’ll find it to move!


About the author

Name: Amelia Eldridge

Year in School: Senior

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Anything in the water or in the mountains!

Favorite Camp Food: Trail Mix

Ideal Outdoor Trip Destination: Koroyanitu National Park, Fiji

If you were stranded on a desert island, what/who would you bring with you: Bear Grylls and some chex mix