Trip Leaders at Home: Southwestern Exploration

Trip Leaders at Home: Southwestern Exploration

By Bryn Wooten


This winter break I had the opportunity to do some exploring in the Southwest, and I’m here to report back on my favorite places! To stay COVID safe we always wore our masks when around other people, and all our food was brought from home to avoid entering any stores or restaurants.

We started in Joshua Tree National Park where established camping was closed but the backcountry was open for business! I love how even in the desert there is still such diverse plant life if you look close enough.

My favorite part about my time in Joshua Tree were the sunsets and stars each night. The skies were gorgeous!

Our next stop was Tonto National Forest in Arizona. The way there was beautiful! I never would’ve expected there to be so many saguaro cacti. They were so dense at times it was like a forest of just cacti.

When we made it to Tonto National Forest we found a beautiful campsite out in front of this lake. It was so quiet and peaceful! We spent a few days there relaxing and soaking up the views after the days of hiking before.

Overall, it was a great trip, and I loved getting to see parts of the Southwest that I had never experienced before.


About the Author

Name: Bryn Wooten

Year in School: Junior

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Climbing

Favorite Camp Food: Mac and cheese with taco seasoning

Ideal Outdoor Adventure Trip Destination: Climbing and backpacking in Southeast Asia

If you were stranded on a desert island, what/who would you bring with you: a boat