Spring Trip Preview Series: Late Night Climbing

Spring Trip Preview Series: Late Night Climbing

By Amelia Eldridge

With the pandemic hitting Tulane this past fall semester, many typical weekend plans of tailgating or frat parties were done away with, leaving students free to try new, COVID-safe activities. One of our most popular trips this fall was the late-night climbing hosted by Outdoor Adventures at the New Orleans Boulder Lounge (NOBL), and you can try this exciting trip that is being reoffered this spring!

The Rundown: This free event provides any student or group of friends looking for night time activities with an exciting chance to try their hand at bouldering! Bouldering is a form of climbing without ropes or harnesses. Generally, bouldering problems are 7-15 feet high, but the crash pad below and good falling technique make this height much less daunting. Whether you are an expert or first-timer, NOBL offers routes and “problems” for any ability to push their skills – from difficult overhangs to V0 (beginner) routes. The trip usually takes a total of an hour and a half (to give ample time for climbing), and you are bussed to and from Reily. The entire trip is free!


Why I Love This Trip: Though I have never gotten the opportunity to lead this trip (it is often “fought over” by leaders, as many of us love climbing and jump at any chance to have some fun at NOBL with friends), I have heard so many great experiences from participants, and I myself love to go to NOBL and climb around on their great walls. For those reading this and itching to climb even more, NOBL has a website (http://climbnobl.com/) where you can schedule an open climbing session in advance and learn more about the space! The day pass is $12 for students, and rental climbing shoes are just $4 at NOBL… or you can rent shoes from us ~at outdoor adventures~ for the daily fee of $2 (https://campusrecreation.tulane.edu/outdoor-adventures/gear-rental-center).

Sign-up for Late Night Climbing Here: https://campusrecreation.tulane.edu/outdoor-adventures/trip-schedule